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You might be:
-   leading an organisation with a large estate;   
-   looking to develop an estate that better
    responds to your organisation vision;
-   looking to increase efficiency and reduce
-   part of a leadership team in Further or Higher
    Education needing estates advice;
-   part of a government organisation looking to
    develop policies, advice or guidance in
    relation to estates management.

If so Bond Bryan’s Strategic team is here to help you. The team’s approach is founded upon one of the same core principles of our design practice:

-   time spent talking to us is time invested in your future.

Forward estate planning is an extremely challenging task; to be successful buildings must not only have attractive and functional spaces that meet the needs of today’s users, but also support the long-term goals of the organisation.

With the focus upon urgent issues, it is often difficult to find time to stop and consider the long-term vision. Yet strategic estates planning offers a range of potential benefits such as improved space efficiency leading to lower estates running costs and disposal receipts from surplus assets. Moreover, strategic planning provides an opportunity to consider how the estate should respond to future change. The evolving demands of people, new technologies and markets are altering the types of spaces we need to work, learn and live; without change the existing estate may become obsolete.

At Bond Bryan, we have long recognised that the successful design/construction projects start with clear strategic vision and planning. Over the last 15 years we have developed our specialist strategic team to help you define the changes you need to make. Drawing on our significant experience across Education, Research and Commercial work environments, our team is as happy talking to you about space efficiency and investment appraisals as they are about site masterplanning and defining the scope of future projects.

The University of Sheffield - Engineering 'Heartspace'

Case Studies

Strategic Planning:

Sheffield University

Strategic Planning:

North Lindsey College

Strategic Planning:

Bradford College

Our Approach

We recognise that the needs of each of our clients are different and we are always happy to discuss how we can best support your specific requirements.

Starting by understanding your vision and priorities for the future, we then examine your existing estate looking at its suitability, condition and space efficiency. From this clear understanding of the existing position, we can develop an ‘Ideal Model’ of your future estate, identifying the optimum size for an efficient estate plus the quality and type of spaces required.

Developing a range of potential strategic development options, we undertake careful appraisal of each; examining not only the progress each makes towards the ‘ideal model’ but also how each performs against the vision and priorities identified at the outset. Crucially each development option is assessed for affordability and delivery capability.

Having agreed a preferred option, we consider how the proposal fits within the wider masterplan, considering issues such as phasing and risks. The outcome is a solution that offers a clear direction and framework for development whilst nevertheless maintaining the flexibility to respond to changing needs and new opportunities.

Our dedicated Strategic Team can assists you across a wide range of services:

-   Visioning – exploring your future requirements with you.

-   Space Needs Modelling – analysing current utilisation of space and modelling future need. Over the last 20 years we have helped our clients achieve over £300,000 square metres of efficiency savings, releasing around £15m in annual running cost savings.

-   Full Estates Strategies – developing practical and affordable solutions that are flexible enough to adapt and respond to your changing needs and opportunities.

-   Funding Bids – supporting you through capital bids. In the last five years we have helped our education clients secure over £100m of capital funding from the Skills Funding Agency, ERDF and Local Enterprise Partnerships.

-   Brief Development – Briefing is a skill in itself, we offer structured processes to help lead you through the process and engage with internal and external stakeholders.

-   Masterplanning – Regardless of the scale of the development, it is vital that any investment in the estate is part of a holistic site strategy. One that delivers the maximum benefits and avoids piecemeal development stifling opportunities for future improvement.



The University of Sheffield - Pam Liversidge Building

Meet The Team

Jonathan Herbert

Managing Director

Steve Maslin

Associate Director

Roger Newman

Associate Director


Modelling the
21st Century Workplace

Bond Bryan’s Strategic Team works closely with colleagues within Bond Bryan Digital.

Bond Bryan Digital provides consultancy services to the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry and its clients, sharing expertise built up over many years and guiding others on their journey to a digital future. The Digital team aims to manage and deliver digital information and help achieve a step change in the quality of outcomes in construction projects (via Building Information Modelling: “BIM”).

From April of this year the UK Government requires publicly procured design and construction projects to achieve “BIM level-2”, compelling the AEC sector to abandon traditional approaches in favour of a digital approach.

One of the key benefits of a “BIM level-2” approach is the production of information for use by managers of built assets. However any requirement for such an approach must be identified in full at the very outset of projects. Where their work identifies a requirement for capital projects, our Strategic Team, supported by Bond Bryan Digital, is able to advise the implementation of BIM.

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