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Schools are something about which almost everyone has an opinion. Likewise most have an opinion, or at least a reaction, to Architectural Design.

Therefore the design of a school will always attract attention. In the UK state system the numbers of interested parties has grown. The present potent mix can involve politicians, the Education Funding Agency, community groups, parent groups, the local authority, private sponsors and last but hopefully not least, teachers and students.

Furthermore the system places construction contractors in competition with each other and at the heart of the design process, each employing architects to develop competing solutions.  In an economically challenging time contractors must respond to the needs of many stakeholders and at a reduced cost.

There is a move toward more standardised solutions; advocates point out that the state has a national curriculum so the educational context, if not the physical and social context, is the same in most cases. Critics note that standardisation may limit design innovation and could suppress the evolution of teaching practice.

Whatever your requirements Bond Bryan’s people understand these issues and will find answers. Our Directors ensure that all our considerable experience is applied to every project. Working with schools and contractors, we never lose sight of the key issues and have the ability to develop effective solutions at every stage.

Bond Bryan has a wealth of experience, having built numerous schools and academies.  Our knowledge is also right up to date; we have acted as design consultants direct to the UK government’s Education Funding Agency and are Architects for a range of EFA funded schemes.  This means working on Academies, Free Schools and University Technical Colleges.  The latest commissions include:

- Great Denham and Shortstown Primary Schools, Bedford
- Primary Schools at Fir Vale and Shirecliffe, Sheffield 
- Shirebrook Academy, Derbyshire
- Stubbin Wood Special School, Derbyshire
- Kings Science Academy, South Yorkshire
- Harborne Academy, Birmingham
- Sevenoaks Grammar School, Kent
- St Boltoph's Primary Church of England Primary School, Kent
- NUAST (University Technical College), Nottingham
- Midlands Priority Schools Programme (Technical Advisor) 




Shirebrook Academy (top and bottom image) Stubbin Wood School (central)

Case Studies

New Sixth Form Centre:

Suffolk One Centre

Campus Reconstruction:

Joseph Rowntree School 


New Academy:

Bedford Academy

Campus Reconstruction:

Shirebrook Academy

Special Education Needs:

Stubbin Wood Special School


Government Consultancy:

EFA Schools
Schools Baseline Design

Campus Reconstruction:

Harborne Academy

New University Technical College:

Nottingham University
Academy of Science & Technology  

Site Redevelopment:

Sevenoaks Grammar Annexe and Trinity School

Our Approach

Fashioning the
21st Century School

Whatever the circumstances and whatever stage of the project Bond Bryan has the talent, expertise and technical knowledge to deliver. Working directly for schools, contractors and acting as technical advisors to the UK Government’s Education Funding Agency means that we have almost unparalleled experience.

In 2012 we also prepared the Education Funding Agency’s Baseline Designs; these prototypes offer guidance by identifying solutions that match the government’s exacting requirements. Of course much of the England’s Schools design is delivered via contractors.  Bond Bryan has a excellent reputation for both design and reliability of technical delivery; at present we are working on Schools design with Willmott Dixon; BAM Construction and with Wates.  

Internationally we have also prepared exemplar solutions for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (see video: right) and are developing projects in a number of other Gulf Countries in both the public and private sector.  We focus upon the creation of stimulating environments can support the learning process.

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Meet The Team

There is a strong theme running through Bond Bryan; whilst we get involved in many things and there is something we call an “interrelated arc of human activity”.  By this we mean what people get up to in Schools, Further Education, Higher Education, Research and the Workplace; we are about creating environments in which people develop and succeed.

As a result almost all of our senior staff have real expertise in these areas and you can find them in the “Our People” portion of this site.  However we present below three members of our senior team that are heavily engaged in Schools!

Zubin Masters

Studio Director


Jeff Stibbons

Studio Director


Bruce Raw

Studio Director


Fashioning the
21st Century School

Building Information Modelling (BIM) allows us as designers to create whole projects in a virtual 3D environment; traditional outputs, floor plans, sections and elevations can then be automatically generated from the model. Therefore as the design develops from the conceptual to the detailed, all these outputs remain in sync at all times. Bond Bryan are leading the way with research and implementation of digital workflows.

We have produced 3D models since 1994, creating superb visualisations, improving communication and understanding amongst all project participants. These technologies can now be accessed simultaneously so that our colleagues can model together improving the pace of production. Increased compatibility between software is also allowing all project team members to incorporate their designs into a single combined model, promoting collaborative working, checking for compatibility and eliminating inconsistencies.

Now Consultants and Contractors are looking beyond traditional outputs and working directly with “data-rich” models. Contractors are importing our models into specialist software to create virtual building sites on which construction is rehearsed prior to attempting the real thing. Furthermore each element within the model can be assigned a variety of detailed information resulting in automated scheduling and increased cost certainty.

Clients can also benefit with access to the information during the design process allowing decisions to be made that will ultimately reduce running costs for the whole life of a building. The information can also be incorporated into Facilities Management software creating a smoother handover at the end of the design and construction phases.

We are also passionate advocates of open solutions and speak regularly on the subject of interoperability and BIM. In particular we are strong supporters of the OPEN BIM campaign and members of buildingSMART UK&I.

Our research has allowed us to update all our systems, templates and standards to align with the latest industry thinking. We are prepared and able to assist Clients and Contractors to both deliver BIM and help the whole team work together collaboratively. We have a central team, Bond Bryan Digital, who support all of our studios with the implementation of BIM and also offer services to the wider industry.

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