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Design has a very important role to play in residential projects, developing solutions that work at both the detailed and the grand scale; ensuring that every dwelling is well planned with the best possible access to light and views; ensuring that the overall site environment is attractive, safe and fits the surrounding context.

You might need support:
-   to develop your dream home project;
-   to review the feasibility and capacity of a residential site;
-   to develop or deliver a scheme beyond the initial planning
Whatever your requirements we are here to help.  Bond Bryan adopts a positive, options based, approach that explores alternative solutions with you.

Our Directors understand the key drivers behind residential development; this understanding governs the way we think and design. Whatever the context, we look to deliver intelligent solutions that people will find valuable.

Case Studies

Ecclesall Road:

Residential and Commercial

Mixed Use

Abbeycroft House:

Private House

Chimes Campo Lane:

Residential Appartments

Loxley House:

Residential Apartments and Houses

Grade II listed building

Monkton Rise North Newbald:

Mixed Use Residential Development

Our Approach

Residential Accommodation in the 21st Century

Our methods of working are as diverse as our wide client base; when it comes to residential design an ultra-flexible approach is essential.

Working with us means working very closely with a Director of our company.  We posses a wide range of skills that allow us to conceptualise solutions, develop them and produce all the construction information to deliver on time and budget.

Significantly we love to be in at the start, site assessment and feasibility studies are about understanding the opportunities.  Options based studies are commonplace, helping to establish the great design solutions and the business case for development.

Meet The Team

John Lee

Studio Director

Geoff Halliwell

Studio Director


Residential Projects

Building Information Modelling (BIM) allows us as designers to create whole projects in a virtual 3D environment; traditional outputs, floor plans, sections and elevations can then be automatically generated from the model. Therefore as the design develops from the conceptual to the detailed, all these outputs remain in sync at all times. Bond Bryan are leading the way with research and implementation of digital workflows.

We have produced 3D models since 1994, creating superb visualisations, improving communication and understanding amongst all project participants. These technologies can now be accessed simultaneously so that our colleagues can model together improving the pace of production. Increased compatibility between software is also allowing all project team members to incorporate their designs into a single combined model, promoting collaborative working, checking for compatibility and eliminating inconsistencies.

Now Consultants and Contractors are looking beyond traditional outputs and working directly with “data-rich” models. Contractors are importing our models into specialist software to create virtual building sites on which construction is rehearsed prior to attempting the real thing. Furthermore each element within the model can be assigned a variety of detailed information resulting in automated scheduling and increased cost certainty.

Clients can also benefit with access to the information during the design process allowing decisions to be made that will ultimately reduce running costs for the whole life of a building. The information can also be incorporated into Facilities Management software creating a smoother handover at the end of the design and construction phases.

We are also passionate advocates of open solutions and speak regularly on the subject of interoperability and BIM. In particular we are strong supporters of the OPEN BIM campaign and members of buildingSMART UK&I.

Our research has allowed us to update all our systems, templates and standards to align with the latest industry thinking. We are prepared and able to assist Clients and Contractors to both deliver BIM and help the whole team work together collaboratively. We have a central team, Bond Bryan Digital, who support all of our studios with the implementation of BIM and also offer services to the wider industry.

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